axiom \ˈak-sē-əm\

"an established rule or principle; a self-evident truth." The word “axiom” came from the Greek word “axiōma” which means ”something worthy.” At Axiom Massage, we believe that everyone is worthy of the healing benefits of massage.


“Aaron has a knack to not only coax out all that ails your muscles but also to relax you with his calming breathing exercises. I left my massage feeling like a new person and will definitely be back for another one!”

– Candace Maloman

“The strain and stress of carrying what would become an 8 pound twelve ounce baby took a major toll on me physically and mentally. Aaron’s prenatal massages were able to relieve my aching, stressed body and make me feel totally relaxed and at peace. I would recommend him to any and all pregnant women I know.”

-Melissa Stocks

“Aaron is a fantastic massage therapist! I feel relaxed after each session, and notice improvements in posture and movement for days. I always look forward to the next appointment!”

-Wil Johnson

Hours & Location

2639 North Monroe Street, Suite B106, Tallahassee, FL 32303
(850) 778-1030

by appointment only

Axiom Philosophy

Movement. Energy. Life. These are the axioms of Axiom Massage. Aaron’s goal as a massage therapist is to help clients feel more connected to themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally through massage therapy techniques.

Whether you are an athlete in peak physical condition, a person with a chronic medical condition, or someone who just needs a few moments of peace and relaxation, Axiom Massage can help you restore and maintain movement, energy, and life in your everyday experiences.